Interested in professional photos for fun? You're in the right place! I offer mini portrait sessions for those wanting some casual photos of themselves and/or their friends. These small casual sessions are fun because we can do a lot of cool things to get some awesome photos of you. Scroll down to find out more about how these sessions work!

How It Works

These casual portrait sessions are how you would imagine they would work. Because these sessions are for fun, we can go wherever you want! If you don't already know, I love love love to travel and so we can go anywhere around Watertown as long as it is within a reasonable distance. You can bring any props you want (I can provide some as well), outfits you want (I will not provide any outfits), and a friend or two if you want. These sessions are super easy and are a nice way of getting to know me and my workflow. As a bonus, you get some fun photos for yourself!

Packages & Booking

There is a limitation, however, with these sessions. These sessions are shorter than my other areas of portrait work. I offer three packages with my casual portrait sessions, each ranging 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour. The reason these sessions are shorter is to make up for time I need for my other sessions whether it's a family or a wedding session. You are more than welcome to book a couple different sessions if you wish but please consider my schedule as it may get busy, especially during the summer months. I am flexible and so I am willing to work with you to pick a time that will work best for both of us!

My pricing packages can be found below. If you are ready to book a session click here. I am excited to get to work with you!

Casual Packages


1 hour session.
30 edited images.
3 locations.



45 minute session.
20 edited images.
2 locations.



30 minute session.
10 edited images.
1 location.