Storm chasing is a big passion of mine. My interest in weather started because of one storm I experienced on June 17, 2012 in my hometown of Watertown, South Dakota. Ever since then, my interest in weather has grown exponentially and it grew to a point where I wanted to start chasing storms. It wasn't until July 17, 2015 that I went on my first chase with my dad and sister in northeast South Dakota. Unfortunately, that was my only true opportunity to chase away from home but that didn't stop me from watching storms from home in the following years. In 2018, I began to start chasing by myself within a 50 mile radius of my hometown and while I had some good moments, it wasn't a very productive year. 2019 my interest in storm chasing ramped back up. It really took off a year later in the dreaded year that was 2020. With more experience and knowledge in photography and weather as well as sudden life and societal changes, I had the opportunity to safely put my knowledge to the test. Most of the photos you see below are from the Central and Northern Plains in 2022 with a good amount of shots from 2021 as well.

2022 was a bit more underwhelming, personally, compared to the last couple of years from a tornado aspect. I chased areas of the Plains I hadn't previously, but little to no tornadoes almost every chase. This year provided many more "backyard" setups closer to home, in fact, I had far more success chasing storms in northeast South Dakota than anywhere else. I may write up more about 2022 in a future blog post sometime this Fall or Winter season. It was a very successful year for South Dakota supercells!

However, space storms exist as well in the form of geomagnetic storms! These storms disturb our atmosphere and produce the aurora borealis. My first time witnessing the northern lights was a life-changing experience I will never forget. I have been chasing the aurora here in the mid-latitudes of the Northern Plains, USA since October 11, 2021. You will find a bit of northern lights shots as a result! Enjoy the photos! To find my other work, click here.